Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

If you have found that your business is expanding beyond your management capabilities, then it may be time to expand your management team. Adding an executive administrative assistant to your staff will lower your stress and responsibility.

A professional Administrative Assistant working in an officeWhen should you hire an administrative assistant?

As a business owner, the goal should be to focus on high-value tasks. If you are finding yourself spending most of your time on low-value, repetitive, and “office work” or “paperwork” type tasks, then you should hire an administrative assistant.

A great guideline to follow is if you are spending 5 or more hours on these types of tasks per week, then it is time to outsource. One thing you may wonder is should you hire an in-person or a virtual administrative assistant?

Hire an Administrative Assistant


Benefits of a remote administrative assistant:

If you’ve wondered if a remote administrative assistant might be more beneficial than hiring an in-person assistant, then you should consider these aspects:

  • QualityWhen you hire someone who will essentially be keeping your business running smoothly, there’s no doubt that you’ll want the highest quality of work. When you hire in-person, you’re limited to the talent in your area. If you choose to outsource with Cadre Crew, we search worldwide to provide top talent for you. Our assistants must not only meet your quality expectations, but ours as well.


  • Cost – As a business owner, of course you want top quality and talent. This all needs to fit within your budget, though. Hiring an online administrative assistant allows you to get great quality of work within your budget. You will also save money by not paying benefits, office setup and equipment, and more.
    When you hire virtual assistants, they are often hired on an hourly or project basis. This is a clear advantage for business owners, because you can outsource based on tasks instead of a full-time role. This saves you money since you won’t be paying a fixed monthly salary.


  • Time The real reason many employers choose to hire virtually rather than in-person is the significant time savings. Not only can an online administrative assistant save you time by completing all of your secretarial tasks, but you also often invest less time into training and hiring. Our assistants at Cadre Crew are familiar with many different online software and databases, so training is often minimal. As far as the hiring process goes, our team of professionals screen each and every candidate to find your ideal assistant. You just tell us what you need, and we find it for you!
    If you live in a different time zone from your assistant, then you also get the benefit of growing your business while you sleep. Your VA can be working while you sleep, and you’ll get to enjoy knowing your business is moving forward while you rest.


  • PressureAnyone who has stepped into the entrepreneur shoes knows about the pressure that comes with this role. You are a human and can only do so much in one day. Your body will eventually require you to sleep more than 3-4 hours per night and stop drinking 5+ cups of coffee. When you outsource your tasks to an assistant, then you’re able to take a minute to rest and breathe. It will truly feel as if a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.


What does a virtual administrative assistant do?

You can think of an administrative assistant as a secretary, or someone who keeps your operation running smoothly. They often handle the “paperwork” side of a business. Here are some of the responsibilities of this role:

  • Maintain records of your paper and electronic files
  • Monitor, organize, and respond to emails
  • Schedule appointments and calendar management
  • Create spreadsheets, reports, and presentations
  • Manage databases
  • Manage clients, projects, and partnerships
  • Sending customer thank you notes, discount offers, and newsletters
  • Developing training and instruction manuals for new staff members
  • Proofreading various office documents
  • Managing time sheets
  • Managing payroll and reimbursements
  • Making travel arrangements
  • + more!


How to hire an administrative assistant:

If you’ve found that an assistant would be a valuable asset to your team, then you can move forward with the hiring process. To require less of your time, we at Cadre Crew will take the hiring process into our hands. You simply tell us what you need, and we will match you with the perfect assistant for you!

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